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About Us


What Spini is all about?

Spini is a sales enablement platform. Spini helps sales professionals improve their conversion rates.

Most of the business that thrive well and keeps growing are because of referrals. Infact 70% of businesses run on referrals.

We at Spini are scaling up this reference model.
"I am looking for a interior decorator",
"I am planning to buy a house, do you have any recommendations",
"I need a loan",
"I am moving to your city, can you help me get a house"
are statements we frequently hear from friends.

So if you know that any of your friend/relative/known person is intending to do a purchase you can post that information in Spini.

These are valuable information for the respective sales guys.

Simply put, Spini is a platform that links up the buyer and seller.

Do you know someone in need of

Property, Insurance, Loan, or Interior Designer?

Post and Earn

How Spini can help you earn online?


Spini provides an earning opportunity. If your friend is looking to buy something (Real estate, Interior design, Insurance, Loans) you can help your friend. Simply share few details and Spini will match your friends requirement with the right seller. You will be presented with a small incentive for this nice gesture.

How Spini can help if you're looking for buyers and grow business

Spini provides intelligence to aid in a successful sales activity. Spini helps identify the right customer instead of the sales personnel searching in the dark - some people call it lead generation. But there is a difference between common lead generation opposed to what Spini does. Difference is that Spini qualifies every opportunity . When we say there is a lead the person actually intends to make a purchase - he has the money, authority and need to make the purchase. Infact data shows that 90% of our leads have actually made the purchase. When qualified lead information reaches the right sales guy he will be able to use this lead and improve his conversion rates.
Our existing customers have seen their conversion rates double With Spini leads. This is because our leads are fully qualified. Our stringent verification process makes sure that only the perfect leads reach you.


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