Over the past couple of years, Chennai, a constantly improving and growing city has been consistently ranked one of the best places to live in India. From housing expats and having excellent living conditions, Chennai truly is a one-for-all type of location to live in. A lot of international publications have also cited our city to be one of the top locations to visit and live in India. Lonely Planet’s ‘Ten Best Places to Visit’, to BBC’s ‘Top Five Cities to Live in for the Long Term’ have all contributed to this city’s popularity. Even the New York Times’ ‘Top Fifty-Two Tourist Destinations’ have cited Chennai, and is the only city in India to be featured!


Even if you forgo all this popularity from international publications, Chennai, at its core, really is an amazing place to be situated in. Chennai is also involved in collective expansion. Oragadam, a largely unheard-of locality previously, now houses one of the most premium properties in Chennai named the Hiranandani Parks, built by the Hiranandani Group. It also has  one of the most premium golf ranges in the city. The Golf Range comprises of a 9-hole park, and a driving range as well to practice, if your game is off a bit! With the increasing number of expats who come to Chennai working in and around the Oragadam region, it is not a surprise that they are situated in one of the best townships in recent times: The Hiranandani Parks.

                                                                      Top reasons to invest in Chennai real estate

Here are the top six reasons why Chennai is an amazing place to live and invest in!

Chennai’s Greenery


A lot of busy metros in India tend to be overcrowded, and as a result of that, there is a lot of scope for pollution to creep in. Chennai, however, seems to surprise a lot of people as to how green it is! Everywhere you look, there are lots and lots of trees planted. Even if there is a stretch where there are no trees planted, you will find an even greater stretch of area where there is an abundance of large trees that you can witness. The government has taken these factors into consideration and have built several public parks, with walking tracks, and just pure serenity for people to use and get a copious amount of fresh air!

Theosophical Society - Chennai 's greenery



There is a reason why the Chennai’s entertainment sector is continuously booming. It is because of their reduced movie ticket prices, which are one of the lowest in the entirety of India! There are so many theatres to choose from, and because of Chennai’s secularity, even people migrating from other parts of India have the option to watch movies in their native language! Movies in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam are constantly played in theatres over here, and hence people have many options to choose from if they want to hit the movies!

Chennai is also a happening place when it comes to the music scene and showcasing plays. Music-lovers have the option of so many concerts of varying music types to attend to, to just relax and enjoy a Friday or the weekend.

sathyam cinemas - Chennai Entertainment



Any kind of food you crave for, you can find it in Chennai. From Japanese, to Chinese, to the variety of cuisines available in Tamil Nadu itself, you will be able to find it here! Eating out is a regular activity in Chennai, and you can find restaurants over-packed with people at any given time of the day that it’s hard to figure out whether it is a weekday or weekend. Banking on the popularity of restaurants, even multinational Cafes’ like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have set up a lot of their outlets here. And since there is a restaurant pertaining to each and every person’s affordability, it really is advantageous and accessibility for people, and as a result, there is no shortage of options for them.


The options for expats to eat are not limited at all, even for a rising place like Oragadam! Within the Hiranandani Parks, due to a large number of Japanese and Korean people residing there, you can find exquisite Japanese and Korean restaurants!

                                                                                 Hiranandani Parks

Limited options on restaurants you say? We don’t think so!

Park Hyatt -Restaurant in Chennai

Educational Institutions


Like many other states and cities in India, Chennai booms in the Education Industry. Chennaites prioritize education above all else, and just like there are no shortages of restaurants, there is absolutely no shortage of educational institutions for people to choose from. Another great fact is that, our educational facilities have been ranked consistently high over a long period of time. We have great Engineering Colleges, reputed Commerce Institutions, and schools which are highly regarded.

Anna University - top engineering college in Chennai

Top-Notch Healthcare Facilities


It is no doubt that Chennai provides one of the best healthcare facilities in India. From Multinational Hospitals to Governmental establishments. And to add to this list, we also have some of the most reputed medical colleges in this country. MIOT, Apollo, and Fortis are, to name a few, one of the best medical institutions in the city. The Medical Facilities in Chennai are regarded highly to an extent that many people from abroad also travel to this city to get their treatments done. Whatever ailments you might be having, you are sure to find the right doctor just a street away!

Apollo Hospital - one of the top-notch health institutions in Chennai

Access to Highways and Excellent Travel Connectivity


If you live in Chennai, it becomes really easy to plan for a trip or vacation. The connectivity is so well laid out that you can travel to just about any nearby vacation spot with your car! Booking a bus at the last minute, or etching out your travel plans to go via road, or even travelling by air is very easy if you’re located in Chennai. There are a lot of National Highways which connect to and from Chennai with tremendously laid roads on which you can effortlessly travel. There are also a lot of nearby destinations that you can just travel in the brink of just four or five hours like Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. Even Bangalore, located in a neighboring state Karnataka, is just a six hour drive away! If you are looking for an even more serene and peaceful vacation destination, you’ve got Kodaikanal, Ooty, and Yercaud all located in Tamil Nadu itself! The advantage with these locations is the fact that they can be visited in two weekend days and you can be back on Sunday evening or Monday morning to hit work!

Kathipara bridge -excellent travel connectivity in Chennai

Need anymore reason to invest and live in Chennai? We sure don’t think so! Do let us know if you can think of any other reasons in the comments below!


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