India tends to imitate a lot from the developed world. Gone are the days when kids get to play and learn in a pollution free environment. We might never see a classroom under the tree if our cities grow at this pace. While the infrastructure investment is at its peak, the need to monitor the side effects is becoming more and more critical for all of us. 

A city like London has a live tracker to measure pollution levels. They don’t just track but also respond the moment the levels cross a limit. There are clean battery run buses that are moved in from a low pollution region to high pollution region the moment there is a breach. Delhi has been trying out many techniques to control pollution levels, but it is hard until there are strict measures taken by the Government. If you ask a resident at Delhi, they would say that life goes on. It has become a habit for them.

Is Chennai going to be the next Delhi?

TN Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has three continuous monitoring centers at Koyambedu, Kodungaiyur, and Royapuram that are operated on a rotation basis twice a week. There are manual stations at Adyar, Ambattur, T Nagar, Nungambakkam, Kilpauk, Tiruvottiyur. To get a deeper understanding of this, let’s try to learn about Ventilation Co-efficiency.

Is Chennai going to be the next Delhi

What is ventilation co-efficiency?

Ventilation co-efficient is a product of mixing depth and the average wind speed. It indicates the air quality, pollution potential and inversely proportional to pollution levels. 

IIT Madras – Ventilation co-efficiency level is highest at 680 sq-meter per second. Open space, number of trees and battery buses inside the campus make it one of the places that are closest to nature. Amjikarai and Chetpet have the lowest Ventilation co-efficiency level at 310 sq-meter per second. 

Ongoing construction work (metro, flyover), lack of tree around the places makes it very difficult for us to maintain the temperature and dust levels in the city.

Eden Park

Our search for such a community with a lot of open space and fresh air ended up at Siruseri. We looked for the places that had the highest Ventilation Co-efficiency. We reach Eden Park Community at 10:30 PM when the dust level generally reach it’s the peak.

eden park Siruseri

The city now has a good number of Allergy and Asthma speciality hospitals. The number indicates the number of customers that these hospitals project over the next five years. Why would they otherwise open so many such speciality clinics?

Yes, we have started accepting wheezing as a lifestyle now just like diabetes and obesity. Wouldn’t it be nice if we live at a place that is low on pollution? Wouldn’t it be great if it provides easy access to offices and hospitals, schools, sports facilities and best in class living experience? 

Eden Park had all that without compromising on one’s health.

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