Part 1 – An Introduction to Crawling


In our previous article, we had mentioned a few tips to kickstart your digital marketing campaigns. We have continuously felt since then that we need to get a bit more in-depth and make this into a series of blogs that covers the art of digital marketing extensively.


Search engines currently are just like answering machines in the past. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and even Duck Duck Go for that matter exist to organize the vast variety of information that is existent in the internet today.

   Quick Tips for Digital Marketing

Relevance is the absolute key in this situation.

Search Engine basics

How do Search Engines work?


Your site’s content is very important. And how well your content is written and presented plays a major role in influencing the results of the search engine. This is the most important aspect of the SEO work that you do. Your site has to be found in Google or any other search engine that a person might use to search, and if your content is really well constructed, it adds a lot of boost to your website.

Search engine -Google

The Three Primary Functions of Search Engines



Most of us are well aware of the indexing methods that computers use to stay updated and narrow down what you are looking for when you search for something to find. Similarly, search engines index the content that is available on the entire Internet. Once a page has been indexed, it’ll be registered in the search engine database, and will definitely be easier for people to find it when they’re looking for it, relevantly.




Crawling is done generally to find new content. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! continuously search for new content on the web and when this happens, each and every line of the code and the content are gone through and then passed on for indexing purposes.




People usually search for very specific things. So, if you are a loan provider for the entirety of the country, and your website’s content is for loans in Bangalore, definitely people in the other regions of the country will not know whether you serve only in the Bangalore Region, or the entirety of India. Hence, it is very important to sort your content out. So, if you order your content to serve the searcher’s query directly, then you’re set and well on your way in establishing an excellent website that will meet all your searchers’ queries!


SEO Varies Per Search Engine


There are three prominent search engine (and around 27 more) in the market that people use currently. Even though there are a fair share of people who use Bing, and Yahoo! search, it is safe to say that Google is the undisputed king of the online search market. Also, because of this fact, most of the SEO work by marketing specialists is done mostly only with Google in mind. Also, with the integration of YouTube, Google Maps, Google Images, et cetera, there is a lot of connectivity within the Google atmosphere. This makes it very easy for people to find what they are looking for, and depending on the relevance of the search query, Google’s algorithms will redirect the user to their other services.


How does Crawling Work?


For crawling to work effectively, your site must be live (duh!). Ensuring that your site gets crawled and indexed are the two most important things when you are looking to use digital marketing services effectively. Google’s Search Console services can be used to analyze your site’s effectiveness, track the demographics, statistics, et cetera.

How Google search works -crawling

To further enhance the reachability of your website on search engines, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got the following checklist covered:

Do you have a login form on the first page of your website? 


If you incorporate a login form on the first page of your website, crawling services won’t work, because login forms are protected. Crawling engines will not be able to see protected content beyond the login form and hence, unless you absolutely do require a login form on the first page of your website, like Facebook for example, try not to incorporate it.

facebook-login form

 Using search forms powered by search engines on your website? 


Search forms cannot be crawled by automated bots. If you rely on using search forms powered by search engines, it will do the job of finding things for your visitors within the website, but your website will have a poor overall track record.

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Text on Images or Other Non-Text Content


The important information you wish to convey through your website must not be embedded in images like GIFs, JPGs, et cetera. By doing this, your website stands a chance of not being indexed according to your wishes, and hence will rank poorly when searched for. To resolve this issue, you’ll have to display the important text that you want search engines to index, cold, hard, and upfront, all in text.

Ensure that You Have a Properly Designed Mobile Website


Many people choose to ignore their mobile side of website designing as they like to put all of their foremost importance to the desktop versions of the website. While having a beautifully designed desktop webpage, it is important to note that a lot of the Internet usage occurs in mobile devices with the advent of the smartphone. Hence, it truly is important that an equal emphasis is imposed upon the mobile version of the website design as well.

Do Not Resort to Showing Particular Versions of the Website to Particular Users


With advancements in HTML and general web design, it has become the norm for developers to keep striving for something new and innovative, continuously. With these advancements, it is now possible to show a particular version of the website to one user, and another type to another user. While this really is innovative, crawlers will assume that you are into cloaking, and hence might blacklist your website and its content.


Hence, it makes it really important for your website to have clear navigation methods, content, and proper URL structures. Stay tuned for extensive coverage on Indexing and Ranking! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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