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The Spini Way to Acquiring More Customers


The Spini way to acquiring more customers purely involves finding the road to achieve a high probability of conversion. Since many people who run businesses find to be content with putting up ads and more ads, we aim to change that aspect. All of us at Spini know the basics, but we were able to effectively transcend beyond that factor.

How We Were Able to Drive Business Growth For Customers

Spini’s Four Key Methodologies


Spini follows four key methodologies to influence and drive business growth for our wide pantry of clients. The four methodologies are what we would like to abbreviate to “A-I-D-A.”

Spini’s Four Key Methodologies

‘A’ stands for Awareness


‘I’ stands for Interest


‘D’ stands for Desire




‘A’ stands for Action


Each of these four key strategies are discussed below in detail.




The ‘A’ stands for awareness, or as some people like to call it ‘Attention’. Both of these words mean the same thing. This word implies that the advertising, or marketing strategy that you implement must be effective and should be seen that way. To make the customer or consumer aware of this fact, the best approach that you can follow is ‘unsettling’ them. The consumer is taken off guard and is prompted to pay attention, and this can be done in many ways, including:


Location of the Advertisement:


This implies that the advertisement is placed in a place where many people do not tend to pay attention, or in a situation where they do not expect this advertisement. There is no right term for this, but ‘guerilla’ is often the most suitable word to describe this tactic.

Business growth -AIDA

Factors of Shock:


There are aspects which are known as Call to Action which implies that you should be adding something provocative or something that instills something into the consumer to grab their undue attention. This can be done in many ways, and some of them include adding exorbitant information to grab their attention.


Personalization of Content:


This tactic usually involves more work and this implies that you will have to be targeting each consumer individually. The advantage involved in personalizing direct advertisements is a lot, and certainly does overtake the quagmires of sending personalized emails. But, if you do come across an Ad with your name on it, and with your interests like products and etcetera, there certainly is a brilliant factor involved and it certainly does intrigue each and every person who comes across such advertisements.




Once you have got the customer’s proper attention you should be able to maintain it, and boost their confidence to be able to sufficiently invest in your product. This aspect is a lot more trickier and complex than the first step, and especially more so if your product is not appealing or fascinating than other products of the same calibre. The best advertising specialists try to get across a dry subject in a way that is more entertaining, and amusing. There is a car insurance company called Geico that does stupendously well with insurance and banking products. They do it by the usage of a Gecko that is their mascot.


Keeping up with the customer’s interest is a major challenge that is involved in this, and it becomes even more so when an email has to be communicated via campaigns. The worst mistake that you can make is to bore the readers with lots and lots of text. The tip that you have to take home while developing the customer’s interest is to go easy on the text and look to drive their interest with excellent content, and appealing illustrations and design.




Now, the advertiser has done enough to grab the customer’s attention. The next step is for the advertisement or the product information to create a sense of desire, sufficient enough so that they are naturally inclined to buy it. The ad and its concept and story has to be relevant to make the customer buy the product and make it irresistible for them. A lot of infomercials do this very well, by showing products to dozens of people. These ads state what the product is all about, its advantages, its uses, and slips in a disadvantage here and there somewhere.


Great ads keep the customers engaged with all these aspects, and try convincing them that they cannot live without these products. This aspect of the AIDA model is a lot more commonly referred to as decision. Once the desire has been created, the decision is almost made for the customer to go for the product that you are selling.




The consumer should be with you at this point in time, and here there is just one more step involved, and that is making the sale to the customer, the product that you are offering. Again, coming back to infomercials, they do this so well and term it “amazing offer” or something of the sort. They start off with a high price, chop it down again and again until it becomes a part of the original price, and this aspect intrigues customer and hence, they will look forward to closing down the sale. Nobody can resist this aspect.


When you market your products, it really does not have to be that blatant. Your goal is to get the consumers out of their chairs, and go for the product. The action that you take can be as simple as making a call or visiting a website. It might be similar to going to a vehicle showroom for a test drive.


A lot of campaigns, no matter how well they are worded and thought out will get a one hundred percent response in this step. The consumers who do not take action, at least should be left with a long standing impact, and a positive impression of the product that you are offering. The action step is the last step and definitely does occur down the road, but when they see the product on the shelves, they should feel good about the product, and remember the message that you are trying to invoke.


We hope you had a great time reading this blog. This is the Spini way to acquiring more customers and hence, driving business growth. Do let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section down below, and do stay tuned for more interesting content.

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