A Mini-Manual


Wouldn’t it be great if you had all the prices of properties of various localities in one single place?


This is actually a feature that most people yearn for when deciding to buy a property. It would be an amazing factor for something like this to sprout. Similar to the price-comparison tool, this is one of those tools that is very useful for the people and definitely does add value a lot.

6 Crucial Reasons to Invest in Chennai

Why Contact Hundreds of People to get the various prices of one Locality?


Conventionally, you would have to contact various people to get the different prices of one locality. A lot of people have the problem of not being able to narrow down their search results and get all the prices at one single place. When the people are not given a fair choice to go over all the available localities’ prices, they tend to make impulsive decisions rather than choices which really have been given a lot of thought.


This is why Get Spini has created a tool just for the customers, and having them completely in mind. The tool looks like a map, and covers all the major localities in Chennai. One of the biggest advantages associated with this tool is that you would not have to go to different pages to compare the different prices for properties.

Location-Wise Price Tool

How to Use it


Just head on over to the main webpage of Get Spini, and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a tool which looks like a map, and says “Featured Localities”. Spini has divided the prices of the localities’ properties into five categories: Popular, Economical, Best Investment, and Luxury.


After this, using the tool is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! All you would have to do is to select each category, and boom, you will get to know the price range of each and every one of them.


The prices mentioned here is not necessarily the price of the properties; that is completely calculated at the users’ discretion! The prices mentioned in this tool are the price per square feet of the localities that we have on our website!


Another great feature that is associated with this tool is that once you see a locality that you like, there is an option titled “See Properties” and this will help you check out all the properties that are in the area, in one single location!


This tool also updates itself live, every single week, so that the user will be able to figure out if the prices for that locality has grown up, or come down during the time period! This would definitely make it easier for the people to understand the price variations per square feet!


What are you waiting for? Go and check out this tool right now, so that you get a fair idea of how the prices are in each locality! We hope this mini-manual part two enticed you! Do let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section down below! Until next time!

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