One of the best things that you could ever experience is coming back home and finding your home in absolute pristine condition. A major component involved for this purpose is air. This is one thing that a lot of us take for granted, and a lot of us never take into consideration when we clean our homes.


The major factor behind all this is the buildup of dust. One thing that we do is ignore the fact that a lot of dust has gathered on a lot of our things. Living amongst dust is as bad as living in a house where its inhabitants smoke. Another serious cause of the buildup of dust is living in a street where there is a lot of traffic in and around, throughout the clock. The emissions from the exhaust of an automobile or a motorcycle can serious implications inside your home if you’re the type of person to keep their windows open for some fresh clean air. In fact, what you end up getting is something very far from that!

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You need to start somewhere, don’t you? Read on to find out the different kinds of pollutants that really spoil the air in your house, and the ways that you can incorporate to solve this.


What causes this harm?


Harmful Chemicals


We tend to  think that there are a lot of pollutants that arise in our home comes from outside factors. This is far from the truth, however. A lot of the pollutants that are existent in your home sprout from internal factors itself. Many people are not aware that a lot of their home products are the primary cause of these chemical pollutants. Moreover, a lot of the products in our homes are chemically infused with a lot of pollutants. These chemicals are the primary cause of the pollution of air inside your home. The terrible fact is that a lot of these products are on the upwards rise, with each and every passing day.

VOC products

A commonplace factor involved with these chemicals is that a lot of people are ready to inhale these harmful chemicals with the pretext of them having “nice smells”. These pollutants are even more so harmful than car pollutants. Let’s take an example. Love the smell of fresh new paint? They’re harmful. When you buy a new refrigerator, do you tend to like the smell when they’re opened? That fresh new smell? They’re harmful. Even new carpets have a lot of chemicals infused in them and you should definitely not be inhaling them. These chemicals are called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. VOCs are existent in almost each and every household product like mothballs, freezers, new carpets, cleaning products and much more. Have you ever felt thirsty after spray cleaning your home? That’s the chemicals at work, slowly starting to harm you. One thing you can do is to ensure that the products that you buy are VOC-free. The way paints are made is starting to change and these new paint types do not have VOCs in them. These paints are much more safer when compared to conventional paints so if you’re the person who is going to be painting your house, you can be ensured that you will not be exposed to these harmful chemicals, whatsoever.


With furnitures and other conventional household products, it can take anywhere between three to twelve days for the VOCs to wear off. To avoid this, and not be inhaling them for that period of time, you can opt for antique furnitures just to take the edge off. With antique furnitures, you can be assured that you will not be exposed to these harmful VOCs primarily because of the fact that these furnitures definitely do not contain them. If you do love new products that are fresh off the box, then you should keep these rooms extra ventilated for this period of three to twelve days.

antique furniture

In the case of cleaning products, it would make a lot of sense if you go for their organic variants. Do you really need mothballs? It is suffice to say that a lot of people really don’t mind the smell of mothballs. Moreover, they are very cheap, and as a result of that, a lot of people do not have affordability issues. Organic perfumes and cleaning products are on the rise with each and every passing day and they should be promoted much more than these products that contain VOCs. It should be noted that we cannot be completely free from these chemicals, but we should take every conscious effort to reduce our exposure to them.

 Organic cleaning products

What You Can Do to Solve This Debacle


Just Let the Air In.


A lot of people who are from the previous generation would have heard their grandparents scream to let the air inside by opening the windows. There’s absolutely nothing like clean, fresh air in lieu of the chemically infused air-conditioners that we have today. At least once a day, let the air flow into your rooms and fill you with positivity. Even if the air from outside may contain a few pollutants from the passing vehicles, it makes complete sense to be exposed to them rather than be confined to a single place. As it was mentioned before, we can’t completely get rid of it, but we can make every conscious effort from our end to at least reduce our exposure to it.

etting the air inside by opening the windows

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