Chennai has always been considered the conservative town! Do you really believe it? We don’t, considering the full flights between Chennai and every major fashionista city!

Today we are going to explore what ticks for a Chennaite while designing their wardrobes.

Still Sarees!

Chennai women are ultra modern. You can spot them wearing the latest Parisian fashion trends in a beach party in ECR.

But you still can’t beat out the Kanjeevaram’s out of them. Chennai’s youth know how to tie a saree and still flaunt their unique trends.

So, a Chennai Interiors design has to definitely consider “her” saree storage needs.

You can choose to use a full length saree hanging section if you would like a showroom style of display. This will let you view the entire lot with ease. So, that your decision making on what to wear is made easier

Showroom style of wardrobe -Top wardrobe trends for 2019

If you prefer to have lesser room dedicated for sarees, you could consider using a pull-out saree rack.

Pull out Saree  Rack -Top wardrobe trends for 2019
Pull-out Saree rack

If you don’t want to devote too much space for sarees you could consider using a simple saree holder accessory using a channel.

Saree holder wardrobe accessory - Top wardrobe trends for 2019
Saree holder wardrobe accessory

Now that we have covered Chennai’s most import wardrobe requirement 😉 let’s move on to various design trends

Karaikudi – the traditional style

One style which never goes out of fashion in Chennai Interior Design circuit is the use of Karaikudi antiques. Every Tamil Nadu child born before 2000’s will have fond memories of their grandparent’s cupboards. The strong wood, smooth finish, unique smell – these all are nostalgic trademarks of our favourite wardrobes.

Country Style Interior Decoration

Chennaites have fondness for linking the past in subtle ways.

Have a look at a spartan look this wardrobe gives to the whole bedroom. This wardrobe has a full length mirror attached one side door.

Karaikudi - the traditional style -Top wardrobe trends for 2019

Regular Chennai Vasi’s

Now that we have seen the Uber trendy Period preferences of Chennaites, let’s see what a regular Chennaite does in his wardrobe design.

Regular Chennai Vasi's wadrobe preference - Top wardrobe trends for 2019
Pic Courtesy: Mutual Link Attractive Solution

Chennai people love storage spaces and most do not miss an opportunity for extra storage in loft space.

Almost every usual Chennai wardrobe design has a loft storage space designed too.

Chennai Wardrobe - Top wardrobe trends for 2019

Whenever I clean my closet I take a GPS with me, so that I can find my way back!


Well, if you are Chennaite and is like the majority, you would want your cupboards to have multiple compartmentalizations. So, that you can organize everything better.

Space Utilization

Considering the soaring real estate prices, space utilization is one of the key factors to be considered while designing for a Chennai resident.

Space Utilization - Top wardrobe trends for 2019
Space utilisation

Every nook and corner will have a specific purpose. Particularly, optimising the storage space is be one key design element.

Bero… let it go!

Well, not really – for a lot of Chennai folks, “Bero” or “Steel Almirah” has been another standard feature in households until very recently.

Most of them have let it go.. however some still feel safe with a “safe” just like the below house.

Bero - Top wardrobe trends for 2019

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