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The kitchen in your house is one of the most important elements to keep in mind when you are in the process of giving your houses’ interiors a whirl. An amazing aspect associated with kitchens is that they are one of the most used places in your home. A lot of people in many different houses and families spend their maximum time in the house in the kitchen. Some families tend to double up on the functionality of kitchens by using it as a place to hold family gatherings, or situate the dining table at the place to not miss out on food that is as hot it is when made!


Each and every person who owns a home, or is in the process of building one, has different needs that have to be catered to when they are brainstorming ideas for their perfect kitchen. However, before you do get into a rigorous building mode, you have to be certain and clear about a couple of things.


For one, your family setup. If your family consists of primarily elderly people, or if your family has a lot of people in it, you should choose to place your storage areas at lower levels. Another aspect that you have to consider while building your kitchen is if hiring a professional and leaving it all up to him or her will solve your design debacle; because, you are the only person who would know how your kitchen has to look. Hiring a professional might help you construct a marvellous and beautiful kitchen, but it may be something that you would not end up liking.


Thirdly, you need to identify and stamp your stocking patterns carefully. A lot of families tend to stock up high on food products so that they would not need to head over to the grocery store frequently. Some people are just content with stocking for a week, and repeat the cycle of heading over to the grocery store. Finally, you would need to arrive at a clear-cut budget that you will be able to afford for your kitchen. As is evident with a lot of things in life, the more you spend the better your results will be, but then again, you can achieve an awe-striking kitchen with a minimal budget.


A lot of conventional kitchens involve a place to cook, places to stock up on your groceries, a place to wash, and an area to place the food that you have prepared. To increase the functionality aspects of your kitchens, you should look to situate these areas not less than three feet apart from each other to avoid your kitchen from looking highly cramped, albeit it all boils down to how much space you do have to spare for the kitchen that you are about to construct.

Kitchen Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Some Types of Kitchen:



This type of kitchen simply blends with the rest of the interiors of your house, and it is perfectly suited for spaces that are small. In this particular type of kitchen layout, all of your kitchen’s work area is set up at one single place, against the backbone of your house, the wall. As the name suggests, the entirety of your kitchen appears to be in a straight line, and is completely linear. It is also very much cost-effective because it does not have a lot of complex engineering involved in it. A minor disadvantage associated with this style of kitchen is that it does not provide a lot of space to work with, and cuts down on storage spaces, but it doesn’t matter if you prefer plain and pure simplicity.

Straight-Line modular kitchen

U-Shaped Kitchen


This type of design works excellently well for large spaces. It uses the space on both the opposite sides of your walls and an adjacent one, forming a beautiful U-Shaped wall. This design works excellently well if you have a very large space in your home, and can accommodate such a beautiful style of craftsmanship that is as functional as it is big. The space that you have to walk around, however, should not be too big, nor too small as it might be tiring for you to function your normal cooking processes.

U-Shaped modular Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen Style


This is one of the most modern and contemporary designs that you can incorporate in your kitchen. Additionally, this is one of the most popular kitchen designs that is existent in India. This style of kitchen makes use of two adjacent walls, that are perpendicular, forming an L-Shaped kitchen that looks beautiful, and premium. This type of kitchen is highly functional due its large availability of space. You can even situate a dining table in the empty area to make use of the space, and have quick meals inside the kitchen itself. Who doesn’t like hot food direct from the kitchen to the dining table in quick time anyway?

L-Shaped modular Kitchen

The Island type of Kitchens


This style of kitchen is very distinct, as its name rightly suggests. This is a custom type of kitchen that incorporates a counter in the middle of your kitchen, unlike the previous styles of kitchens covered in this article. This type of kitchen style requires a large amount of space because there’s just so much going on in this type of kitchen! However, if you manage to pull this design off perfectly, there’s simply nothing like it. This style works amazingly well for families who tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

The Island type of modular Kitchen

Spini Modular Kitchen Cost Estimator


So you’ve settled upon a style. What do you do next? It is a great idea to be aware of how much these kitchens will cost you to construct, and this has to be completely accurate doesn’t it? You don’t have to fret. Spini’s exclusive modular kitchen cost estimator helps you get a fair estimation based on your particular interest types, and depending upon the space you have to spare at your place. All you have to do is go through three simple steps to get a proper estimation for your kitchen:


  1. Select a Type of Kitchen
  2. Select a Design Style
  3. Choose the Type of Material


And you’re done. Head over now to get a fair estimation!

modular kitchen cost estimation banner


We hope you had as excellent a time reading the article as we did writing it. Do let us know your thoughts and ask away your queries down in the comments section! Til’ next time!

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