Building a perfect home would be your dream, but maintaining it would be a task. Your bedroom isn’t just your personal space, but it’s an emotion. It’s a place where you could build your heaven. How you design it and maintain it will not just reflect your character, but that will also decide on everything from your mood to physical and mental health.
Your bedroom could decide your happiness. Furniture, lighting to even the lavender fragrance in your room could lift your mood. Your health is wealth. Proper ventilation, a well kept and clean bedroom will keep you healthy and positive. This could in return give you a high level of satisfaction and good sleep.
Question your taste- design your room based on your likes and preferences. Choose your favourite colour for your room, and maybe even the furniture and other attractions could go in contrast to it. Adding quotes can keep you motivated and inspired. Sometimes, the picture of your favourite person could also keep you moving! Choosing the right colour for lights is another mandatory factor. Make sure it goes well with your paint and style of your room.

Build heaven based on your budget. It’s better to choose light painting and decorations while having heavy furnishing. Whereas, it can be either heavy or light painting for bright furnishing. But minimal always stays classy.
Low budget, yet want to make your bedroom look fancy? Less space too? No worries.
 Let’s embrace the minimalistic yet classy look — optimum utilization of space yet by keeping it subtle.  All your needs can go under one roof and four walls. How?


Align and build your bed space between your wardrobe with good lighting. One side of the wardrobe can have a small dressing table to fit in your daily essentials. You can also design your bed with shelves under your bed to either keep extra materials that don’t suit the theme of the room or items that aren’t very necessary or it can be even used as a shoe rack!
Attach a table and a chair near your window where you can get sufficient fresh light and fresh air.
The wall opposite to where your headrest is can be filled with inspirational quotes or something of your interest that will keep you going.
Got budget and space?
Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Make it look your best. Let your alarm clock wake you up to something that could light up your entire day. A luxurious room will never fail to provide luxury for you can’t compromise on the quality or needs. Let your eye catch attention to everything you build.
Theme your room with your taste of colour and furnish it from curtains to floor carpet with contrasting colours. Keeping it simple is always elegant and classy.
Add life to your room by filling it with everything that interests you. May it be a small bookshelf, or a space to play your instruments, add colour to it by designing that corner with posters or crafts that suits the theme or idea of that space. Durability and appearance matters.


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