Working at Spini is unlike any other experience you will ever have. With an equal mix of work and play, none of the members of our team feels the pressure of the job. You can complete your work whenever you want to, but it is expected that you’ll complete it by the end of the day. Take breaks, play ping pong, and balance your work out completely!


Here are the advantages of working at Spini and our work culture! Read em’ and get enchanted!


Ping Pong

There is nothing more relaxing than a game of ping pong. Staring at the computer screen can be a daunting task, and cause eye irritation. Take a break, and vent out by playing a game of ping pong! You can play with anybody, anytime you want to, but we usually put our work in the front over anything else, and go all out with ping pong in the evening!

Ringin’ the bell


Our custom here is to ring the bell whenever someone achieves something, or if a new employee joins and we all have to get introduced to them! We have ice-breaking activities to get everyone acquainted with each other! Sing a song, shake a leg, do anything you want in front of the entire team and break away from all your shackles!


Team Interaction


 Working at Spini is fast-paced and continuously challenging. Never will one feel that he/she is not getting enough work. You would need to solve challenging but doable tasks. And for this, you would need to interact with many people. Everybody’s approachable at Spini. Nobody’s going to turn a blind eye to your request of their help. This is because all of us at Spini understand that we collectively work as a team, and everybody’s contribution, even if their work is not related to yours is important. Even interns are treated as full-time employees because there is no hierarchy in play! Everybody’s work and contribution is important!



We frequently conduct team building activities to slightly get away from the work and challenges involved. Most of the team building activities involve embarrassment rather than a focus on enthusiasm. With these other types of team building activities, there is no end result as a lot of your team members are much more reluctant than active to participate! We’ve delved away from all that! Our team building activities help you get to know people who you don’t interact with on a daily basis, and certainly helps break the ice in future interactions. This will certainly help in the overall collaborative efforts of each and every employee!

GetSpini -Team dinner



Spini’s overall office atmosphere is unbeatable! Consisting of urbanly designed interiors, with themed sofas and new-age workspaces, it would be anybody’s dream to work in a place like this! There’s a lot of moving space for people to not feel constrained and guess what? We’ve got an armory of caffeine to help you keep boosted throughout the day!

Getspini interior

Team Tours


Team bonding simply does not stop with the activities, the interaction and of course, ringin’ the bell! True team bonding happens when trips are organized to places. Every year, a trip is organized for the team for fun, with no holds barred!


Pondicherry 2017


Our trip to Pondicherry in July, 2017 was one such trip! Starting from here at 7:00 am in the morning, the trip’s core reason for having fun began in the journey itself! An expansive resort was booked for all of us, and from extremely fun activities to a total breakaway from all inhibitions this is surely a experience that’ll last forever and one for the ages!

Pondicherry trip -GetSpini

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